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The Riedel Family Fellowship and CIERA BoV Fellowship

CIERA Graduate Fellowships

The Riedel Family Fellowship and CIERA BoV Fellowship

CIERA Graduate Fellowships support graduate student research and training at the interface of  astrophysics with other disciplines, including data-science, computation, engineering, and adjacent scientific disciplines like chemistry and biology. Additionally, fellowship support enhances our K-12 STEM education and outreach by giving our fellows opportunities to use their scientific training to support educators and students in the Chicagoland area.

  • Graduate students in the 3rd year or beyond are eligible.
  • Fellowships are typically awarded for 1 year

CIERA Graduate Fellowships may include:

Fellows work on a wide variety of projects for their fellowship, in astrophysics and at the interface between astrophysics and other disciplines (such as data-science), and provide support for CIERA’s overall K-12 education and outreach activities. For more information about the broad range of research conducted in CIERA, please visit our Research pages. See our Education & Outreach page for examples of CIERA’s K-12 STEM Education programming and resources that fellows can participate or build upon.

If you are interested in partnering with CIERA and one of our Graduate Fellows, or on a K-12 education project, please contact

Graduate Fellowship Selection Committee

Members: James Schottelkotte, Kari Frank, Allison Strom

CIERA Graduate Fellows

  • Dany Atallah (CIERA Board of Visitors Graduate Fellow, 2023-2024)
  • Nycole Wenner (CIERA Board of Visitors Graduate Fellow, 2023-2024)
  • Miguel Martinez (CIERA Board of Visitors Graduate Fellow, 2022-2023): Ran workshops for Chicagoland physics/astronomy teachers to network and share resources
  • Kyle Rocha (Riedel Family Graduate Fellow, 2022-2023): Developed interactive astrophysics labs for under-resourced local high schools to borrow
  • Fulya Kiroglu (CIERA Board of Visitors Graduate Fellow, 2021-2022): Development of CIERA’s free-access REACHpy (Learning python via astronomy)
  • Chase Kimball (Riedel Family Graduate Fellow, 2021-2022): Pilot of CIERA’s Research Experiences for Teachers program in advance of NSF proposal
  • Mike Bueno (CIERA Board of Visitors Graduate Fellow, 2020-2021): Adapted IDEASpy Python tutorials for use by high school students and other beginners
  • Newlin Weatherford (Riedel Family Graduate Fellow, 2020-2021): Designed new portal for scientists, students, and teachers to engage with CIERA and utilize our the STEM training resources