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James Schottelkotte

Schottelkotte, James

Education & Outreach Coordinator

  1800 Sherman, 7411


James Schottelkotte has a scholastic background in both STEM and education. He received his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Penn State in Planetary Science and Astronomy, and paired it with graduate coursework in Informal Science Education at Portland State. James is motivated to improve the human condition by elevating scientific literacy, problem solving, and critical thinking skills through public outreach and engagement. He has led STEM outreach programs for learners of all ages across the U.S. with a focus on individuals who are disadvantaged or underrepresented. James also loves visiting national parks, and his top joys are space, cats, sports, friends, and ice cream.

The CIERA Education & Outreach Coordinator manages all of CIERA’s K-12 STEM education and outreach activities.

  • Serves as primary education and outreach contact and liaison for CIERA, both internally and externally
  • CIERA Graduate Fellowship supervision
  • Provides K-12 expertise and connections for CIERA community
  • Coordinates and maintains oversight of CIERA’s education & outreach programming
  • Assists with education or outreach components of proposals, such as Broader Impacts