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Kari Frank

Frank, Kari

Director of Operations of CIERA, Research Assistant Professor

  1800 Sherman, 8007


Dr. Kari Frank specializes in X-ray astronomy. Her broad focus is on very hot and messy objects – mainly galaxy clusters and supernova remnants, including the unique SN 1987A. These objects are all extended with complex shapes and spectra arising from many physical processes. Dr. Frank’s work leverages the information contained in observations of this complexity to learn about the physics involved, from cooling flows and dynamics of galaxy clusters to supernova explosion mechanisms in supernova remnants.

Kari manages the daily operations of CIERA, directing the administrative staff of CIERA and serving as the interface between the scientific functions of the Center and the University’s main administration, as well as other departments that work with CIERA. She helps with the overall management of the postdoctoral program, proposal preparation and grants management, finances, provides computer support, oversees the visiting researchers program, manages space, provides support for CIERA programs.