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CIERA REU Students Present at 241st Meeting of the AAS

Students from CIERA’s summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program presented their research projects at the 241st American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting. The conference was jointly held January 8-12 with the Historical Astronomy, High Energy Astrophysics, and Laboratory Astrophysics Divisions in Seattle, Washington.

Directed by Research Assistant Professor Aaron Geller, the REU program focuses on connections between astrophysics and other disciplines within CIERA. Students learn computer programming, develop skills in science communication, take field trips, and benefit from career panels in addition to collaborating with faculty on research projects.

The winter meeting of the AAS is the largest gathering of American astronomers each year and includes many opportunities for networking. The students presented the following posters:

Dylan Chambers
Illinois State University (Physics), Junior
Advisor: Alvin Bayliss
Project: New Solutions in Three Species Cyclic Competition Models





Trevin CoxTrevin Cox
Illinois Institute of Technology (Aerospace Engineering), Sophomore
Advisor: Sasha Tchekhovskoy + Nick Kaaz
Project: Jet Formation and Black Hole Spin





Micaela ForemanMicaela Foreman
Williams College (Astronomy & English), Junior
Advisor: Erin Cox + Giles Novak
Project: Determining the Possibility of Planet Formation in Per-emb-11





Sasha Levina
Haverford College (Astronomy), Junior
Advisors: Meng Sun + Vicky Kalogera
Project: Applying Wind Roche-Lobe Overflow in Binary Evolution using MESA and POSYDON





Ayanna Mann
Howard University 
(Physics), Freshman
Advisors: Adam Miller
Project: Improved Model of Optical Elements Involved in ZTF Transmissions





Esther Miller
North Park University 
(Physics & Math), Junior
Advisor: Elvira Mulyukova
Project: Necessary Conditions for Venus to be Habitable





Erin Motherway
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 
(Astronomy), Junior
Advisor: Aaron Geller
Project: Using Bayesian Statistics Software (BASE-9) to Analyze Binary Stars in Open Clusters M67 and M35





Darshan Patel
Haverford College (Astronomy & Physics), Junior
Advisor: Selim Shahriar
Project: Constraining Properties of Subliminal Lasers for Use in Dark Matter Detection





Edin Peskovic
Illinois Institute of Technology (Astronomy), Junior
Advisor: Charlie Kilpatrick
Project: Measuring the Binary Fraction of Type II-P/II-L Supernova Progenitor Systems





Claire Zwicker
Illinois Institute of Technology (Astronomy & Physics), Senior
Advisor: Aaron Geller
Project: Applying Bayesian Statistics to Identify Binaries in the Open Cluster NGC 6819