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Peter Anglada

Anglada, Peter

Senior Financial Administrator

  1800 Sherman, 8009


Peter is responsible for the financial management of the Center, including:

  • Monitors all CIERA budgets (endowment, grants, discretionary)
  • Approves and monitors expenses/transactions on all CIERA chartstrings
  • Approves postdoc and undergraduate timesheets
  • Helps PIs and Postdocs manage their grants and discretionary funding
  • Creates financial reports and projections
  • Answers any questions about financial needs CIERA personnel may have
  • Oversees, hiring, payroll, and visas
  • Serves as the financial liaison to other departments across the University and outside entities

Peter was born in Spain and grew up in Madrid. He went to college in the Canary Islands, majoring in Business and Economics. He obtained his MBA at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Prior to coming to CIERA in 2014, Peter worked in healthcare and financial management for several institutions in Chicago. He enjoys tennis, reading, skiing, and volunteering.